Lord bless our State

Prayer for the State of Georgia:

FATHER, You have instructed us to pray for and give thanks for all those who are in authority and we thank You for every representative, senator, governor, commissioner, mayor, sheriff, councilman, school board member, pastor, trustee, deacon, elder, and everyone in authority. Even though we thank You for those in authority, we know that except the “LORD KEEP THE CITY, THE WATCHMAN AWAKENS BUT IN VAIN.” Therefore, we ask that You remove those in authority according to your will and replace them with those You choose.

FATHER, forgive us for tradition, idolatry, lukewarmness, and every sin that so easily besets us.

FATHER, cleanse us for unrighteousness and remove the spiritual blinders from our eyes so that we might see the deceptiveness of our enemy, satan.

FATHER, help us who are cold, blind, and indifferent to see. Grant repentance for our State and awaken us to the loving GRACE OF JESUS, so that we may walk in righteousness and holiness. Give wisdom and discernment to our State Leaders and grant unto us divine protection.

FATHER, we pray that you will raise up warriors for JESUS and allow Joel’s prophesy to be fulfilled here according to your will and send a mighty outpouring of your spirit upon this State. Give revival and let this State be like a city set upon a hill that cannot be hid.

FATHER, cleanse us and purify us so that we might be in one mind and in one accord when JESUS returns for His church.

FATHER, we thank you for hearing and answering our prayer. We know that you are EL-SHADI the one who is more than enough to meet every need we have.

FATHER by FAITH we thank You for bringing restoration and healing to our State. We thank You for Your HOLY WORD and for allowing this State to triumph in CHRIST. Just as Joshua fought in the battle of Jerico and the walls came tumbling down, so to will the walls of corruption, collusion, and indifference fall because we pray this prayer in FAITH.



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